Updating Microtasks

If something changes within your project and you need to modify a microtask that you have previously created you can do that with the update method described below.

To update a Microtask, you must know its ID number. Suppose it is 1234. You would make a POST request to the '/api/task/1234' endpoint with all the necessary fields filled out, using the same format as you used for adding a Microtask.

PHP Curl Example
$fields = array(
	'type' => 'multi',
	'priority' => 10,
	'title' => 'An Important Question (UPDATED)',
	'question' => 'What is your <b>favorite</b> color?',
	'answers' => json_encode(array('Red','Blue','Green','Black','White','Pink')),
	'passthrough_data' => '12345'

$response = HTTP_Post('https://www.t4sk.dev/api/task/1234', $fields, $api_token);