Personal Microtasking Platform helps you be more efficient at completing short tasks that may come from a variety of different locations by putting them all into a single optimized queue. Optionally, share your tasks with your private distributed workforce to crowdsource the work, while maintaining quality and control.

Microtasks is a platform for efficiently handling your repetitive microtasks. If you have small tasks that require short burst of human intelligence, T4SK can help you be more efficient at processing them quickly. Microtasks that come from a variety of different locations can all be combined into one queue, so you have one convenient place to look when working on your daily maintenance tasks.


Share your microtasks with a hand selected private team of helpers and they can assist you in doing the work. It's your own private distributed workforce! Unlike traditional crowdsourcing applications that give your human intelligence tasks to random untrained people, T4SK keeps it contained to your hand picked team of skilled workers. This is important because it maintains the privacy of your data and ensures that the quality of the work is high.

Harness the combined intelligence of your team to complete microtasks accurately. When multiple helpers work on the same task, our consensus algorithm will make sure you get the most accurate results.

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Often, knowledge workers may be responsible for a variety of projects and will have multiple dashboards to check each day in order to stay on top of their digital chores.

By combining each source of work into one place, there is a single authority to check and one queue to work through. This makes it more convenient and efficient to work on your microtasks, either on the desktop or your mobile device.

Because microtasks are designed to be completed quickly, you can easily knock off a few here and there throughout the day during your idle downtime.


With traditional crowdsourcing, your data is shared publicly with random strangers across the internet. This may not always be appropriate for every workload. Often, privacy requirements making certain microtasks unavailable for crowdsourcing.

With T4SK, your data stays private and can only be worked on by you and the team of workers that you have hand picked. This ensures that the quality of work remains high. Each of your helpers can be given permission to work on different categories of microtasks, so you can easily choose who does which work.

Predictable Costs
Predictable Costs

Other microtasking platforms will charge a small fee per microtask, which is paid to the workers. These small amounts add up, especially if you have multiple workers forming a consensus. If you have a large workload, then your costs are high. If you have an unpredictable workload, then your costs are unpredictable. With only 10 microtasks per day, you could easily pay more than $200/month to crowdsource them.

With T4SK, we assume that you will be working on your own tasks and that your private team of helpers is already being paid through your organization. Therefore, unlimited microtasks are included with your subscription. This keeps your costs low and predictable.


  • Data Validation
  • Content Moderation
  • Data De-duplication
  • Photo Annotation / Image Tagging
  • Transcription
  • Data Entry
  • Language Translation

How it Works

This service is intended for developers or teams with someone who has some programming experience. You interact with our service via an easy to learn API and can use any programming language that you are familiar with.

Step 1

As work becomes available, your software will use our API to add microtasks.

You can also use our API to edit or delete existing microtasks as necessary.

For microtasks that can be answered with a simple yes/no, multiple choice, or fill-in-the-blank, all you have to do is send us the question. It can be formatted as text, markdown or HTML. For more complicated microtasks, you can design a custom form that will collect the data.

Step 2

Microtasks are completed in a web browser by you or members of your team.

T4SK works in any web browser, including your mobile device. This means that you have a single definitive place where you can go each day. You can work in short bursts of downtime to maximize your productivity.

If multiple answers are requested for a microtask, T4SK will wait for a consensus to be reached.

Step 3

Once a microtask has been completed, a webhook is triggered to send you the answer.

The webhook will send the answer back to your software to be recorded and processed however you want.

You can organize your microtasks into different buckets, so different work can send their webhook notifications to different places.


A free tier exists for individual users to try out our service and work on small amounts of microtasks by themselves. For those with more tasks, or who want to have helpers, we have these subscription plans to choose from.


$29 / mo

For small teams that work together on a variety of Microtasks.

  • • 2 helpers
  • • 2 buckets
  • • Email support


$39 / mo

For medium sized teams that work together on many Microtasks.

  • • 4 helpers
  • • 10 buckets
  • • Priority email support


$149 / mo

For large teams that work together on many Microtasks.

  • • 20 helpers
  • • 40 buckets
  • • Priority email support
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