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A universal dashboard to collect your daily digital chores in one place. Built by developers, for developers. Spend more time improving your product and less time supporting it!

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Our Features

Microtasks require short bursts of human intelligence and can come from a variety of different sources. Use your favorite programming language and our simple API to add microtasks to your dashboard.

Single Dashboard

Funnel all of your daily maintenance chores into a single dashboard so you have one place to look each day for what you need to do.

Pre-Built Integrations

Get started quickly with templates and pre-built integrations for the most common developer chores.


A single monthly fee means your costs are fixed regardless of how many microtasks you process. No metered usage.


Work by yourself or share the workload with your hand selected team. Delegate different microtasks to different groups of helpers.


Unlike traditional crowdsourcing, your microtasks are kept private within your hand selected group of collaborators.


Microtasks are short. You can easily knock off a few of them during your idle downtime. Increases your productivity and avoid neglected chores.

It's escalation for human decision with automated follow up. That really ups the value prop! - Mike at Pritact
It's nice to have one convenient place to just quickly crank through all my tasks. - Shannon

How it Works

We have some pre-built tools to get you started, but the real power of T4SK comes from using our API to funnel all of your personal microtasks into one efficient queue.

T4SK Flow Diagram
Step 1

As work becomes available, your software uses our easy to learn API to automatically create microtasks.

Step 2

Microtasks are completed on this website. Work in short bursts of downtime, wherever and whenever you want.

Step 3

When a microtask is completed, we immediately send the answer to your code so you can process it.

Pre-Built Integrations

Quickly get started with "Pro Tools" that can automate some common developer tasks. For example, if your domain name or SSL certificate is about to expire, we'll remind you with a microtask.

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Collaborate and Track Progress

Add "helpers" to your account and give them access to your microtasks. Organize microtasks into "buckets" to control access. If desired, T4SK will wait for a consensus to be reached before completing a microtask.

Dig into the stats. See which of your helpers are doing the most work and track your personal performance.

Our Pricing

Start with a free trial of our Pro subscription to see if T4SK works for you. Afterwards, continue with a free account or subscribe to keep using our Pro Tools.


For individuals who work alone on their own Microtasks.

  • 0 helpers
  • 1 bucket
  • Email support
$9 / mo

For small teams that work together on a variety of Microtasks.

  • 2 helpers
  • 2 buckets
  • Email support
$19 / mo

For medium sized teams that work together on many Microtasks.

  • 4 helpers
  • 10 buckets
  • Priority email support
  • Pro Tools
  • Free 15 Day Trial
  • No Credit Card Required
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We also have a Business Plan for larger teams.

A universal dashboard to collect your daily digital chores in one place.

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